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Sparkling wine

Sparkling wine



Oxyma sparkling wine was created with the fair sex in mind, our range lacked something so special and unique.Our wine is recognized and popular mainly in G.Bar beauty salons, an international chain of beauty bars, one of them is our G.Bar Lodz, which inspired us to create something special for special girls using the services. Oxyma divine drink for girls is a white semi-dry sparkling wine, the taste is fresh, pleasantly lively and very elegant with refreshing bubbles, the bouquet and aroma carry the same attributes of unusual fruitiness: green apple, pear, florality when combined with the Ranina grape variety, which is rare but very unique. The perfect charmata manufacturing recipe makes each bottle unique, as it was made from carefully selected grape varieties: Welschriesling, Furmint, Chardonnay, Ranina.


750 ml

Alcohol content




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