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Plum Aqua Vitae

Plum Aqua Vitae



The liquor has the best of what distillates from these fruits have to offer. In the aroma you will find deep, heavy sweetness of ripe plums and apricots along with notes of fruit tree flowers. On the palate, there is a lot of plummy sweetness in a release reminiscent of dried plums in dark chocolate. Our plum spirit is based on our own recipe. It is the result of fermentation, followed by careful and thorough distillation of properly prepared, selected plum fruits. It is important that the process takes place in one place, moreover, we can control the preparation of the highest quality product. The finish is pleasant and fruity, and everything is closed in this special bottle. Everyone will be able to find full delight in this drink. It will be a perfect accompaniment to Polish dishes and will help to surprise a group of friends during social meetings. It will also prove useful as a unique gift.


500 ml

Alcohol content




Year of production


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