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Pear Aqua Vitae

Pear Aqua Vitae



This pear spirit smells like a mix of green pear skins with their ripe sweet flesh. On the palate you will find a lot of fruitiness, there is the sweetness of ripe pears and bitterness coming from the skins and even some citrus. A lot of pear in a pear, which is not easy to achieve in distillates.Our pear spirit is the result of fermenting and then carefully and thoroughly distilling properly prepared juicy pear fruit. It is worth mentioning that the process takes place in one place, which is important, we can control the preparation of the highest quality product. The aroma and taste are distinguished by high expressiveness and take us to the sunny fruit orchard with fresh fruit. The finish is pleasant and fruity and all this is closed in one bottle. We, as followers and gourmets of pears, find full delight in this drink. A premium drink for home tastings, meetings with friends, an interesting gift.


500 ml

Alcohol content




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