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Vodka Star Anise

Vodka Star Anise


The aniseed vodka surprises with its delicacy. A pleasant caramel and aniseed aroma is released in the tasting glass. Some spiciness and herbs appear in the taste. It warms and refreshes at the same time. It can be used solo in shots as well as in cocktails. It is worth tasting e.g. because of the rare occurrence of craft distillates on the Polish market. Manufacturing is a long maceration process in which the main ingredient of our product is aniseed, a true star in the world of spices! It gives a unique aroma and sweet-spicy aftertaste, with the addition of the best Polish grain spirits creates a unique taste. This vodka is the result of years of experience, in which our goal was to get rid of everything unnecessary and undesirable while maintaining the character of this noble drink.


500 ml

Alcohol content




Year of production


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